Attention: Parents of Primary 5 students going on to Primary 6 in 2024. The PSLE is 9 months away!

"The PSLE is Getting Harder Each Year. Use Our Proven 3-Step Formula That Has Helped Our Students Jump 3 Grades In The Final 9 Months!

With 9 MONTHS To Go, Expose Your Child to the Kind of Questions They Can Expect in the PSLE to Prepare Them! This Is A Big Jump From Primary 5!
Equip Your Child with Effective Exam-Taking Strategies and Boost Their Confidence and Exam Performance Before The PSLE Comes!
Cultivate Study Habits & Revision Strategies That Has Helped Our Successful Students Jump By 3 Grades!

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"Can Your Child Solve This PSLE Math Question? Join Us To Learn How!"

"Here's What Some Students Have To Say About Our PSLE Program!"



"Adam Went From AL4 to AL2
In Just 10 Months!"



"Rayyan Went From AL6 to AL3 In Just 1 Year!"



"Sara Went From AL4 to AL2...
In Just 3 Short Months!"



"Aaliyah Went From AL4 to AL3...
In Just 3 Short Months!"


"The Coach Who Has Turned Around Math Results from F's to A's!"

The program will be conducted by Coach Saiful, the Amazon #1 International Bestselling Author of "Mom, Help Me Score A's in Math!" and the founder of Math Prodigies Learning Centre.

He successfully turned his failing marks in Math from F's to A's and have been helping other students do the same since 2011.

Watch the video above to find out more about how he has been doing!

"Here's What Some Parents Have To Say About Our PSLE Program!"



"Ana Went From AL4 to AL1 For The PSLE... In Just 6 Short Months!"

"We signed Ana Sofia up with Math Prodigies at the end of March this year. She has always loved Math in school but we felt that Ana always fell short of achieving the grade she wanted because she was not able to find the 'key' to unlock the more challenging questions. One of the reasons: too shy to ask school teacher questions in class for further clarification.

Her sessions with Coach Saiful and Coach 'Atikah at Math Prodigies proved to be that much needed boost to push her AL4 to an AL1. Ana was always happy to attend her lessons whether it was at the center or virtually via zoom. She said her coaches were always engaging, the lessons were always fun and always very easy to follow.

Ana also said that she felt much more comfortable asking questions during her lessons at Math Prodigies. I am sure this is very much due to the coaches' success in building relationships and creating a safe space for their students. The small class size also makes it less intimidating for her to speak up. This made all the difference.

We are very thankful that we found Math Prodigies for Ana Sofia. She made new friends and is so much more confident of her own ability to tackle the more challenging questions. Alhamdulillah.

Thank you, Coaches!

Mdm Sharifah
Proud Mom of Ana Sofia
Now In Raffles Girls' School



"Adil's Results Went From Failing at 47% to An A For The PSLE... In Just One Year!"

"As a concerned parent, it was worrying to see Adil’s math grades take a drastic drop downhill when he went on to P5. His grades suffered the entire year and that’s when I chanced upon Coach Saiful’s 5 week program in Dec 2019.

We lived in the West and decided to give it a chance at any attempt to turn around his grades. This has to to be one of our best decisions ever! Adil came back much more confident of solving problems with all the methods taught by Coach Saiful.

He applied these techniques and almost immediately in his CA1 we saw a vast jump in his grades from 43%, a D grade to 74%, almost an A!

Give the child the right resources and they are sure to excel! There was no looking back for us and we are so glad that our paths had crossed!

Coach Saiful has his way with kids as I had observed through his online lessons. The kids are excited, motivated and more than that they feel confident handling Maths!

We want the best for our kids and we are glad to have found the best! Thank you Coach Saiful and Math Prodigies!

From an extremely satisfied parent!"

Mdm Hasena Banu
Proud Mom of Muhd Adil
Now In Kranji Secondary School

"From C to A In Just 3 Months!"

"Aisyah went from a C to an A in just 3 months! The PSLE program worked for her because of the concise notes and the comprehensive coverage of the syllabus.

The diagnostic test kits revealed her weak areas so that we can work on them as I gave her repetitive practices on PSLE booklets as recommended. Thank you for your help and guidance. Aisyah is so happy!"

Mdm Surimah
Proud Mom of Aisyah Mulyani
Now In Tanjong Katong Secondary School

"From Struggling In Problem Sums to A Confirmed A!"

"Jovan somehow struggled with Paper 2 (Problem Sums) and we made the right choice to send him to Coach Saiful. He is not only committed to improving his students' academics, but also in building their confidence and perseverance. Jovan enjoyed every lesson and by the end of the PSLE camp, our son was fully confident of the subject and got an A for PSLE, just as he expected when he left the examination hall. We are happy and grateful to Coach Saiful and his team for their dedication."

Mrs Seet
Proud Mom of Jovan Seet
Now In Maris Stella High School

"She Finally Broke Through To An A*!"

"The A* in Math is a success story for Haney! I have no regrets sending her for your programs because I knew she was capable of getting an A* but she needed your guidance. Thank you!"

Mdm Haslina
Proud Mom of Haney Sallehuddin
Now In Tanjong Katong Girls' School

"She Became The Top Student Of Her Class!"

"After the camp she was more disciplined, focused and confident in problem-solving. She applied the time management techniques and problem-solving skills that Coach Saiful taught in the camp in her own revision. She got an ‘A’ for the Prelims and PSLE and became the top student of her class! We are thankful for the guidance and training by Coach Saiful and his other coaches in her learning journey with Math Prodigies."

Mdm Haziana
Proud Mom of Aura Asyura
Now In Tanjong Katong Girls' School

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